Program Structure


Copenhagen. Shenzhen. Vancouver.
Knowledge. Experience. Network.

The GLOBAL SCLM has a vision to become a pioneer in business education in a global context. It is designed to empower highly aspiring and ambitious students with distinct business acumen, cultural fluency and entrepreneurial mindset, through an internationally oriented curriculum and unique tri-continental learning experience, to become leaders who create meaningful impact in the global community.


Knowledge: Top 3 business schools from 3 continents

Standing on the academic frontier, GLOBAL offers an innovative and diverse curriculum that includes challenging business and logistics courses from the three top international business schools. This is achieved with the expertise of each school, and by integrating the tailored, regional-focused classes on global business environment, hands-on projects on different industries, and study trips across the three continents. The GLOBAL courses focus on case studies, international and supply chain management issues, the understanding of logistic and operational business climates around the world.


Experience: Cultural immersion and enriching activities

Unlike other exchange opportunities, GLOBAL admits 15 students from each of the three partner schools every year, who will study as an international cohort in Copenhagen, Shenzhen and Vancouver for three semesters. Their class-based learning is reinforced by study trips across the three continents, and other enrichment activities such as case competitions, cultural exchange initiatives, language training, industry analysis and various both on and off-site company visits. Their experience of living and working with their global counterparts allows them to fully integrate into and understand the nuances of the local cultures, developing their global mindset and essential skills to confront the challenges in the ever-changing business environment.


Network: Lifelong relationship and valuable global alumni network

GLOBAL not only provides learning opportunities for students, but also a nonpareil platform to amass top students from three continents together. The 18 months of living and studying together helps build strong and long-lasting bonding within the cohort. Despite the early stage of the GLOBAL Program, currently only one batch have graduated, a strong support for an supportive alumni is present. Such an international network will surely bring lifetime benefits to students after graduation when pursuing their career dreams.