GLOBAL Immersion

The GLOBAL Immersion

As the name of the program indicates, GLOBAL SCML is global in every aspect. Not only does GLOBAL SCML gather top students from around the world but through intercultural activities students obtain a complete global immersion. By living, working, and overcoming challenges together, both professional and personal, the students are able to fully integrate into and understand the local cultures, developing their global mind-set and professional understanding of the ever-changing global business environment. 

Tri-continental cohort exchange:

GLOBAL SCML seeks to equip all the participants with the knowledge and experiences needed in order to navigate through today’s global business landscape that consequently all companies need to acknowledge. 

Study trips

To further reinforce their learning in the GLOBAL courses, GLOBAL students participate in study trips in Asia, Europe and the Canada. Attending executive briefings at selected organizations enables students to get first-hand perspectives from those working in a global setting. In this way, students can learn how different corporations adapt to the global environment and how cultural differences influence business operations.